Prep Yourself

Every year around Fall/Winter-Season the „Preppy-Style“ has it’s big Revival.  Imagine you are attending an Ivy League University in the 70’s, and here you are – in the middle of the emerging Prep World. Think about the marvelous Ali MacGraw in Love Story by Erich Segal. She is the perfect example in every sense. But Preppies do not only dress themselves different, it is a hole lifestyle-a priviledged lifestyle consisting of expensive private schools, Golf and many many“Thank-You-Notes“(For more read: „True Prep“ by Birnbach and Kidd). You get the Preppy Fashion for example at: Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Hermes, Tods…especially favored are Polo Shirts and Pearl Necklaces. So now, if you haven’t already done, Hurry and Prep Yourself!



Shoes: Calvin Klein

Bag: Michael Kors

Skirt: New Look

Pullover: Zara

Coat: Asos

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