What to do in #AbuDhabi

If you are planing your Christmas-Holiday, i can recommend AbuDhabi! Sure, it is not gonna be a White Christmas but you have around 30 degrees with sun-guarantee and white sand instead of snow. Also – despite that the locals dont celebrate Christmas the Hotels usually offer a great dinner for the Holidays and everything is decorated in Christmas style.

My personal Top 5:

1.Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It belongs to the most spectacular constructions of the UAE and to the most beautiful mosque worldwide. It is made of white italian marmor. Inside you can find a huge carpet which was made in the Iran and a grand swarofski chandelier. The mosque is named after ist founder and first president of the UAE: Sheik Zayid Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. As a woman you can lend a Burka before entering, while in you should respect the behaviour rules.

I honestly have never seen such an beautiful and impressive building. Don’t miss it!

2.Emirates Palace Hotel

One of the most luxurious Hotels of the world: The Emirates Palace Hotel. As the name says, It is a Palace! Breathtaking and gold in every corner. It is sparkling all over and smelling like roses. It feels like living an arabian fairytale.

It is absolutely worth for a visit. If you don’t stay in the Hotel it is still possible to go there for a visit. (There is a seperate enter for visitor).A Christmas Special is the big Christmas tree in the entrance.

3.Saadiyat Island

If i compare Dubai and AbuDhabi the beaches in Dubai are much better, because AbuDhabi exists of a lot of Islands which makes not a lof beaches where you can look at the open sea. But on Saadiyat Island you have a big white sand beach with open sea and waves. All in all Saadiyat Island is very undeveloped. They just started to build there a few years ago which is not bad because that is a great timeout from the big city. You literally feel like you are on an Island in the Carribean. Another great project which will be finished in a few years is the „Cultural DIstrict“ ond Saadiyat Island: three absolutely interesting Museum are going to open there: Zayed National Museum, Louvre and the Guggenheim. If you are interested in that you should check out the Pictures how it is going to look. When it is ready i will come back to AbuDhabi myself!

4.Etihad Towers Observation Deck

A modern-chick bar with an amazing view over AbuDhabi. Try also the cake, it’s absolutely delicious!!

5.Abu Dhabi Formel 1 Grand Prix

For everyone whose interested, or maybe if you’re on Holiday with your boyfriend you can make up to him for the long Shopping tours by visiting with him. 😉

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