Red Heels

Today is the 1st October, that means that summer is officially over, University is about to begin and real life problems are getting back to us. But i have to admit that i’m kind of happy that holidays are over because i’m really getting bored with all of that freetime.
I don’t even now what to do with all of that time so it happens that i was binge-watching „House Of Cards“ on Netflix for the last entire 3 days. (I feel so guilty, in fact i planed to prepare for my lectures..)But we still got a few more days to enjoy the last sunshine here in Munich and as i know me i will complain about having no time for anything at the first day back at School so i should enjoy it right now. For example by sipping Frappucchinos at Starbucks, window-shopping at Maximiliansstr (even better: actually buying something) or just strolling around at the Hofgarten.

So why not put on some red heels for that? They make every women feel like a real lady. It makes you confident and the other people will notice your positive energy. Nobody wants to hang out with people who seem insecure and are always in a bad mood. I mean we all know these days where we wake up, look in the mirror and don’t want to be seen by anyone or see anyone. We try so many outfits but none of it seems to fit. The solution: wear heels! Trust me, you will see a little smile on your face 🙂


Top&Shoes: Zara

Jeans: Abercrombie

Jacket: Creenstone

Bag: Moschino

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